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Concrete ’ s Resistance to Acide Rain and Its Mechanism


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Concrete ’ s Resistance to Acide Rain and Its Mechanism
SHI Li-an12MA Hai-yan1KE Kai3
1.Department of Civil Engineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics,Nanjing 210016,China; 2.Department of Building Engineering,Zhejiang College of Construction,Hangzhou 311231,China; 3.School of Material Science and Engineering,Wuhan Univer
acid rain polypropylene fibers pore structures hydration products
In order to evaluate the durability of concrete constructions exposed to acid rain,such properties of concrete corroded by acid rain are investigated here as compressive strength,flexural strength and resistance to impact.By means of X ray diffraction(XRD),mercury intrusion poremeasurement(MIP),scanning electron microscope(SEM)and energy dispersive spectrometer(EDS),mechanism of fly ash,expansive agent and polypropylene fiber are investigated.Microstructure and porosity characteristics of hydrated products before and after corrosion are also examined.The results indicate that the polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete incorporated with fly ash and expansion agent exhibit better anti acid rain corrosion performance than other mixes.The hydration products of the reference sample are easily converted to gypsum and SiO2·nH2O under the action of acid rain.Microstructure of concrete adding admixture is denser so as to effectively prevent concrete damage induced by acid rain.


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