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Aging of TOR Asphalt Rubber in Combination of Environmental Factors


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Aging of TOR Asphalt Rubber in Combination of Environmental Factors
KANG Ai-hong12ZHOU Xin3WU Mei-ping1SUN Li-jun2
1.College of Architecture Science and Engineering,Yangzhou University,Yangzhou 225127,China; 2.School of Transportation Engineering,Tongji University,Shanghai 201804,China; 3.Jiangsu Kejia Engineering Corporation,Wuxi 214002,China
environmental factors trans-polyoctenamer rubber reactive modifiers asphalt rubber aging
To explore the impacts of environmental factors on the aging characteristic of trans-polyoctenamer rubber reactive modifier(TOR)asphalt rubber,the four environmental factors such as heat,oxygen,water and ultraviolet light are designed for combination to age the TOR asphalt rubber.R&B softening point test,Brinell viscosity test and dynamic shear rheometer(DSR)test are employed to analyze the properties of the aged TOR rubber asphalt.Through the infrared spectrum test,the mechanisms of aging are explored.The results show that:ultraviolet light and water both aggravate the aging of TOR asphalt rubber,especially,ultraviolet light affects the aging performance of water-aged TOR asphalt rubber deeply;the water dissolves part of aging products and promotes the aging of TOR asphalt rubber.The results provide the fundamental basis for the TOR asphalt rubber ’ s production,application and regeneration.


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