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Seismic Analysis of External Insulation System Installed on Exterior Wall under Frequently Occurred Earthquake


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Seismic Analysis of External Insulation System Installed on Exterior Wall under Frequently Occurred Earthquake
DING Jian-guo
School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
external insulation system installed on exterior walls earthquake action time history analysis frequently occurred earthquakes periods
In order to study the seismic performances of the external insulation system that is extensively applied in China under earthquake action,the elastic responses of the insulation system under frequently occurred earthquake action are investigated here.From the theoretic analysis,the equation of motion for the external insulation system under earthquake action is derived,and the program for a time history analysis is developed by MATLAB software.Using an engineering example,this paper analyses the influence of the external insulation system on the periods of main structures and computes the displacement responses of both main structures and insulation systems under earthquake action.The results show that the insulation system can evidently increase the vibration periods of structure modes and the maximum relative displacement between main structures and insulation systems is on the top floor in the building.


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