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Remote Anti-missile Capability of Gun-launched Fuel-air-explosive Projectile


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Remote Anti-missile Capability of Gun-launched Fuel-air-explosive Projectile
CHEN Hong-binDU Zhong-huaCHEN Long-miaoCHEN Guang-song
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
gun-launched fuel-air-explosive projectiles anti-missile capability impulse criterions mode analysiskill probabilities
To improve the remote anti-missile capability of the medium caliber gun,an anti-missile combat mode for the gun-launched single event fuel-air-explosive( SEFAE) projectile is put forward based on the ballistic characteristics,detonation features and the damage mechanism of the fuel-air- explosive(FAE) here. The shock wave damage criterions of FAE projectile and the high-explosive (HE)projectile are established considering target features,and the effective lethal area of the shock wave against the cruise-guide missile( CGM) is obtained. The kill probabilities of the gun-launched SEFAE projectile and HE projectile are simulated in long ranges. The results show that the impulse criterion is suitable for evaluating the damaging efficiency of shock waves of the low dose SEFAE projectile against the CGM projectile and the gun-launched FAE projectile possesses higher remote anti-missile capabilities than HE projectile.


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