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Correction Mechanical Model of Spherical Fragments Penetrating Gelatin


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Correction Mechanical Model of Spherical Fragments Penetrating Gelatin
LIU KunWU Zhi-linXU Wan-heMO Gen-lin
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
spherical fragmentspenetrating gelatincorrection mechanical modelsgelatin resistance
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To improve the mechanical model of the spherical fragments penetrating gelatin includingthe inertial resistance and the viscosity resistance only,the gelatin resistance is taken into the originalmodel, and a new equation of motion is developed. The correction mechanical model consideringthree resistances is proposed. Based on the principle of least squares,parameters are calculated todetermine the best coefficients of the inertial resistance and the viscous resistance by selecting theΦ4 mm diameter spherical fragments as the example. The comparison of calculation and experimentresults of Φ3 mm,Φ4 mm and Φ4. 8 mm diameter spherical fragments verifies the reasonableness andthe accuracy of parameter selection. The results show that the correction mechanical model candescribe the movement of the three spherical fragments penetrating the gelatin more accurately.


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