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Influence of Initiation Mode on Power of Deformable Directional Warhead


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Influence of Initiation Mode on Power of Deformable Directional Warhead
YANG Ya-dong1LI Xiang-dong1BO Xue-fei2
1. School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2. Military Research and Development Center,Yuxi Industries Group Co. Ltd. ,Nanyang 473000,China
explosion mechanics deformable directional warhead numerical simulation initiation modesenhancement
O383. 3
In order to reveal the influence of initiation modes of the main charge on the power of de- formable warhead,the deforming and projectile processes of the deformable warhead are numerically simulated by the finite element analysis software LS-DYNA3D, and change laws of the fragment velocity and densities enhancement under the different radial and axial initiation modes of the main charge are studied here. The results show that, under the radial initiation, the enhancement of fragment velocity is maximum when the distance from the initiation point to the center of the end face equals the radius of main charge and the angle between the two lines formed by the initiation point and the center of the end face is 45°. The both ends initiation mode is better than one end initiation mode and the line initiation mode under the axial initiation. Comparied with the uniform warhead,the fragment density enhancement is 78. 7% and the fragment velocity enhancement is 32. 2% in the target direction when initiated by the both ends mode of the main charge.


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