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Optimization of Variable Firing Interval of Anti-aircraftRocket Launcher Based on Approximate Model


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Optimization of Variable Firing Interval of Anti-aircraftRocket Launcher Based on Approximate Model
WANG LeiMA Da-weiZHOU Ke-dong
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
anti-aircraft rocket launchervariable firing intervaldesign of experimentapproximationmodelmulti-island genetic algorithm
In order to improve the firing dispersion of the anti-aircraft rocket launcher,the variablefiring interval is optimized and studied using the approximate model here. On the basis of theaccurate parametric dynamic model of the antiaircraft rocket launcher, the database of dynamicsimulation results is obtained by applying the design of experiments(DOE). It is used to build an ap-proximation function for the non-linear dynamical relationship between firing interval variables andinitial disturbance variables. The multi-island genetic algorithm method is used to obtain the optimalsolution of the variable firing interval for this accurate approximation function. Optimized result showsthat the approximation model can reduce the computational expense, reasonable variable firingintervals can effectively improve firing dispersion,and the optimized results can be directly applied toactual firing of the antiaircraft rocket launcher.


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