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Anti-bullet Property of Metal Truss Structures Enhanced CeramicComposite Armor


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Anti-bullet Property of Metal Truss Structures Enhanced CeramicComposite Armor
ZHANG JunGUO RuiLIU Rong-zhongHU Zhi-pengSUN Xue-wu
ZNDY of Ministerial Key Laboratory,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
metal truss structuresceramiccomposite armorsanti-bullet property
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To improve the anti-bullet property of the traditional laminated metal-ceramic compositearmor,a metal truss structures enhanced ceramic composite armor composed of pyramidal trussstructures,ceramic,epoxyn,faceplate and back plate is proposed. The anti-bullet properties of thiscomposite target plate in different positions are analyzed by using LS-DYNA and compared with thetraditional laminated metal-ceramic composite target plate with the same thickness. The results showthat the anti-bullet property of the new ceramic composite armor is largely enhanced because theceramic robs are supported and restrained by the metal truss structures and epoxyn,and the metaltruss structures have more excellent capability for absorbing impact energy.


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