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Design and Experiment of Self-powered Magneto-rheological Damper


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Design and Experiment of Self-powered Magneto-rheological Damper
JIANG Xue-zhengWANG Jiong
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
self-poweredmagneto-rheological dampersenergy harvestingpiezoelectricityvibrationcontrol
Regarding the problem that the external power supply is required in the current magneto-rheological(MR) damper system,a self-powered MR damper is designed based on the piezoelectricvibration energy harvesting technology. The structure and dynamic equation for the self-powered MRdamper are derived. A prototype is fabricated and tested to evaluate the vibration isolation capabilityof the self-powered MR damper. The test results show that, under the outside vibration, the self-powered MR damper can collect the electric energy to activate electromagnetic coils inside thedamper,change its damping characteristics,and achieve the self-powered function.


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