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Structure and Performance of Vehicle Magnetic Particle Clutch


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Structure and Performance of Vehicle Magnetic Particle Clutch
WANG Cheng12CHANG Si-qin1
1. School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2. Faculty of Transportation Engineering,Huaiyin Institute of Technology,Huaian 223003,china
magnetic particle clutchestorque transmission capacitystructure and performance
U463. 2
In view of that the torque transmission capacity of the domestic vehicle magnetic particleclutch is low,a structure scheme for high torques and reasonable structures is studied to improve thetorque transmission compacity. By analyzing the structure and characteristic of many magneticparticle clutches,the performance simulation model of the magnetic particle clutch is established andvalidated by the test. The influence law of the air clearance and working clearance number on theperformance of magnetic particle clutch is presented. The results show that the reasonable structure ofthe magnetic particle clutch should include the cup driven rotor,the fixed field winding and doubleworking clearances.


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