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Application of Piezoelectric Actuator in Fuze Safety System


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Application of Piezoelectric Actuator in Fuze Safety System
TANG Yu-juanWANG Jiong
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
motive forcepiezoelectric actuatorsfuze safety systemisolating explosion mechanism
TJ430. 3
In view of that the motive force to remove safety in most electromechanical fuze safetysystem is electricity-drive initiator component,the time of removing safety process is not accurate andthe muzzle safety distance is poorly controllable,a traveling-wave revolving piezoelectric actuator isapplied to the fuze safety system for driving the movement of the isolating explosion rotor. The drivemechanism is designed. The piezoelectric actuator working principle and the application feasibilityare analysed. The research results show that the piezoelectric actuator makes the removing safetyprocess accuratly controlled and the fuze safety system smaller.


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