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Nonlinear Combination Prediction of Mechanical Properties of CarbonSteel Electrode Deposited Metal Based on Neural Network


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Nonlinear Combination Prediction of Mechanical Properties of CarbonSteel Electrode Deposited Metal Based on Neural Network
HUANG JunXU Yue-lan
School of Materials Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
genetic algorithm neural network carbon electrodes deposited metals nonlinearcombination prediction
TG115. 28
To improve the prediction accuracy of the elongation percentage and the impacting work ofthe carbon steel electrode deposited metal,a nonlinear combination predicting neural network modelis build based on predicted data acquired from the single predicting models of back propagation(BP),radial basis fundion(RBF) and adaptive fuzzy neural network(AINN). By using the geneticalgorithm to optimize the connection weight of BP network,the model predicting property is improvedeffectively. Fifty-five samples are selected from experiments to train and verify the model. Resultsshow that predicted average relative errors of the elongation percentage and the impacting workdecrease to 3. 15% and 2. 67% separately,both of them are far below 5% and satisfy the practicaldemands. Compared with the single predicting model,the accuracy and generalization ability of theneural network combination model based on the genetic algorithm(GA)are greatly improved.


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