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Design and Test of Simulation Device of Automatic Mechanism Motion


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Design and Test of Simulation Device of Automatic Mechanism Motion
LU Gang1HE Yun-feng1WANG Zhao2WANG Chang-ming1
1. School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2. Military Department,China South Industries Group Corporation,Beijing 100089,China
amphibian weaponsautomatic mechanismssimulation devicestest system
In view of the air and underwater working conditions of automatic mechanisms, anautomatic mechanism simulation device is designed. By changing the fore-and-after move mode to theright and left move mode,the automatic mechanism motion is simulated effectively under the true am-phibian conditions. A parameter analysis system is built to simulate and test motion parameters of au-tomatic mechanisms under different simulation states. The advantages and disadvantages of a weephole at the fixed piston,the detached piston and the emitter heel are discussed. The results show thata weep hole at the detached piston and the emitter heel are beneficial to the automatic mechanism.The research is helpful for designing the automatic mechanism of amphibian or under water weapons.


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