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Comparative Analysis of Deployable Antenna Trusswith Single and Double ring


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Comparative Analysis of Deployable Antenna Trusswith Single and Double ring
DAI LuGUAN Fu-ling
College of Civil Engineering and Architecture,Zhejiang University,Hangzhou 310058,China
deployable trussdouble-ringgeneralized inversekinematicsdynamics
TU323. 4
In view of that the stiffness of the antennas becomes weakened sharply with thedevelopment of large caliber and very-extra-large caliber antennas, the deplogable double-ringantenna truss is designed. The basic deployable elements and mechanism are researched and the de-ployable condition equation is proposed here. Kinematics basic equations of a double-ring truss areestablished by the generalized inverse method. Constraint equations are established based on thesingle-ring antenna,and the numerical kinematics simulation of the double-ring deployable truss iscarried out. For large caliber antennas with the same caliber, the stiffness of the double-ringdeployable truss is obviously stronger than that of the common single-ring deployable truss. The 2 msize shrinkage ratio model is designed and deployed,and the dynamic experiment verifies that thedouble-ring antenna truss is deployable.


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