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Modeling Simulation and Experiment of Cantilever Beams Activatedby Moving Rigid Body


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Modeling Simulation and Experiment of Cantilever Beams Activatedby Moving Rigid Body
GE Jian-li1YANG Guo-lai1WANG Zhao-xu2HAO Jian-wei1DENG Wei1
1. School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2. Northwest Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Xianyang 712099,China
contact-impact modeltime-discontinuous Galerkin finite element methodmoving loadsfitting clearances
A contact-impact model of the cantilever beam activated by a small-span rigid bodymoving on the surface is established. The fit clearances of front and back contact points between themoving rigid body and the elastic beam surface and the time-dependent effect of structure parametersare considered. Dynamic deflections and velocities for the free end of the uniform cross-sectioncantilever beam are computed using the time-discontinuous Galerkin( TDG) finite element methodwith power function interpolation,and the results are compared with those of the moving force model,the moving mass model and the ABAQUS software. The influence of fitting clearances on dynamiccharacteristics of the beam is discussed. An experimental system of the cantilever beam activated bythe moving mass is designed, and the free end deflection of the beam is tested. The numericalsolutions of the contact-impact model by TDG method agree well with experiments and can interpretthe low frequency vibration on test curves.


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