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Design of Active Disturbances Rejection Control Law ofLow Altitude Sea-skimming Tow Target


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Design of Active Disturbances Rejection Control Law ofLow Altitude Sea-skimming Tow Target
FANG Xiao-xing1WANG Yong1WANG Ying-xun2
1. Research Institute of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle,Beihang University,Beijing 100191,China;2. Department of Major Program Management,Aviation Industry Corporation of China,Beijing 100022,China
tow targets active disturbance rejection control track differentiators nonlinearfeedbackextended-state observers
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To solve the problems that the modeling error and the internal and external disturbances ofthe low altitude sea-skimming tow target are great,an altitude control scheme based on the active dis-turbance rejection control technique is proposed. The contradiction of over-control and rapidity isharmonized by arranging the transient process,and the feedback of differential signal is achieved bytrack differentiator extracting the differential error signal. A nonlinear feedback method is used toimprove the control efficiency avoid using integrator. Finally,the un-modeled dynamics and unknowndisturbances in the system are estimated and compensated by the extended-state observer. Thesimulation results show that the control system has good dynamic capability, stable precision andstrong robustness when being imported several kinds of disturbances.


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