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Self-adaptive Design of Fitness Function in Ambiguity Function Method


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Self-adaptive Design of Fitness Function in Ambiguity Function Method
SONG Gao-shunWANG Chang-mingHE Yun-fengLU Jian-shan
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
self-adaptive designinterambiguityambiguity function methodfitness function
TN964. 1
In view of that the evaluation of adaptability is heavily affected by the noise for the ambiguity function method using cosine fitness function,a filter fitness function based on the signal carrier to noise ratio is proposed. The characteristics of the cosine function fitness are analyzed,and the observation noise is analyzed and modeled. The filter fitness function based on the signal carrier to noise ratio is constructed,and the noise adaptability is realized. The results show that the filter fitness function reduces the noise affection on the evaluation of adaptability more effectively than the cosine function,and the success rate of the ambiguity function method is improved.


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