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Novel Lanscape Addptive Particle Filter Algorithm Based onConvergent Particle Swarm and Its Application


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Novel Lanscape Addptive Particle Filter Algorithm Based onConvergent Particle Swarm and Its Application
CHEN Zhi-minBO Yu-mingWU Pan-longZHU KaiYIN Ming-feng
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
particle filtersconvergent particle swarmglobal optimuminertia weightiteration times
In view of that the particle filter algorithm based on the particle swarm optimization(PSO-PF)is easy to trap in local optimum and has the complex calculation and slow convergence speed,anovel lanscape adaptive particle filter algorithm based on the convergent particle swarm optimization(LAPSO-PF) is proposed. This algorithm expends the source of the particle information,introducesthe inertia weight into updating formula,and limits the particles outside the searching range. Thelocal optimum and iteration times are reduced. The simulation and test are carried out in the singlevariable non-static growth model,the target tracking model and the fault detection model. The resultsshow that this algorithm reduces the local optimization and improves the velocity and precision.


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