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Miniaturization Filter with High-order Harmonic Suppression


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Miniaturization Filter with High-order Harmonic Suppression
DAI Yong-shengZHANG HongXU LiWANG Li-jieCHEN Shao-bo
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
low temperature co-fired ceramicminiaturization filterthree-dimensional comb lineshigh-order harmonicsuppression
To suppress the high-order harmonic in miniaturization filters, using the multi-layercoupling strip line resonator and the principle of cross-coupling transmission zeros,the cross-couplingis introduced in an improved passband filter with three-dimensional comb line structure for enhancingthe non-adjacent resonant interstage coupling. The Z font conductor layer is added between thesecond and fourth resonant stages to control transmission zero position. By adjusting the loadcapacitance properly,the filter size is reduced and the high-order harmonic is suppressed. Based onthe low temperature co-fired ceramic technology,a miniaturized band-pass filter with 1. 3 GHz centrefrequency and 200 MHz bandwidth is designed and fabricated. The simulation and test results showthat the inserted loss of the filter is less than 2. 0 dB in the passband,the third-order and fourth-orderharmonics suppression is more than 45 dB,and the filter size is only 4. 8 mm×4. 2 mm×1. 5 mm.


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