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Energy Efficient Anonymous Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc NetworkBased on Zero Knowledge Proofs


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Energy Efficient Anonymous Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc NetworkBased on Zero Knowledge Proofs
LIU Fang-binLIU Feng-yuZHANG Hong
School of Computer Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
zero knowledge proofslow energy consumptionlow end-to-end delayanonymous routingad hoc network security
In order to reduce asymmetric encryption operations during the anonymous protocols estab-lishment,an energy efficient anonymous routing protocol based on zero knowledge proofs for mobilead hoc networks( ARZ) is proposed. ARZ uses zero knowledge proofs of authentication protocols toconstruct the trapdoor to reduce asymmetric encryption operations of the trapdoor decryption. Nodesexchange the secret information with each other in route reply phase. The protocol analysis andsimulation results prove that ARZ can reduce energy consumption efficiently under the samesecurity,anonymity and real-time.


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