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Hybrid Detection Approach for Handwritten Specific Symbol in Form Bill Image


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Hybrid Detection Approach for Handwritten Specific Symbol in Form Bill Image
SONG Xiaoning 123LIU Zi 12YU Dongjun1YANG Jingyu1CHEN Tianyu 3
1.School of Computer Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Postdoctoral Research Center, Jiangsu Sunboon Information Technology Co.,Ltd.,Wuxi 214072,China;3.School of Computer Science and Engineering,Jiangsu University of Science and Technology,Zhenjiang 212003,China
bill image processingform bill imagehandwritingspecific symbolstarget detectionsparse representation
To solve the problem of recognition for handwritten tick symbols filled in form bill images,a hybrid detection approach is presented for form bill image processing.A chain code algorithm based on the sparse representation is proposed by using the morphological method to describe the external contour of form bills.An optimalaxis projection estimation algorithm is proposed for angular coordinate detection of frame lines and angle correction.By means of the frame line characteristics of standard template,the form areas of special characters are determined by template matching,and the judgment criterion of tick symbol is obtained by using the spatial convolution algorithm.This algorithm has generality for form bill image processing,and can decrease the difficulty of location and identification of largescale multiple bill images.Detection results from the practical form bill images from banks demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.


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