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Linear Composition of Service Based on Directed Cyclic Weighted Multigraph


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Linear Composition of Service Based on Directed Cyclic Weighted Multigraph
FU Zhaoyang1YANG Lijuan1HUA Ze1GAO Ji2
1.College of Electronic and Information Engineering,Suzhou University of Science and Technology,Suzhou 215011,China; 2.College of Computer Science and Technology,Zhejiang University,Hangzhou 310027,China
directed cyclic weighted multigraphservice compositionsemantic subsumptioncoloringtiming stampcyclestime complexity
To promote the efficiency of automatic service composition,a linear service composition realization is proposed in a new service graph structure.The service relationship is modeled as a directed cyclic weighted multigraph.In the searching process of composition paths combining depthfirst traveling and breadthfirst traveling,the multiedges of node pairs are degraded to uniedges based on semantic subsumption.Cycles are discovered and eliminated via both coloring and timing stamp.A composition path searching algorithm with linear time complexity is presented and theoretically demonstrated.The simulation results prove:compared with other similar methods,this method can find combination paths in cyclic graphs with linear time complexity without loss of the ratio of recall,and has good expansibility that the searching time is independent with scales of servicing graphs.


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