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UMLbased Domain Rule Modeling Method


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UMLbased Domain Rule Modeling Method
WANG Zhixue1JIANG Xin1DONG Qingchao1FU Fengke2
1.Institute of Command Automation,PLA University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210007,China; 2.Chongqing Communication Institute of PLA,Chongqing 400035,China
rule modelingrule definition metamodelsemantic Web rule languagedomainspecific modeling
To visually represent domain constraint rules and check the consistency between requirement models and domain knowledge,a method of domain rule modeling and requirement model validation is presented.A domain rule definition metamodel(RDM)is defined based on the ontology definition metamodel and the semantic Web rule language(SWRL).The unified modeling language is extended by the RDM and can be used to model domain constraint rules.A transformation framework is provided to transform the domain rule model into formal specifications in SWRL so that the requirement model can be verified automatically with a formal reasoner.The availability and applicability of the method is demonstrated through a case study.


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