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Improved Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm and Its Application


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Improved Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm and Its Application
ZHANG XiaodanHU FengZHAO LiZOU Cairong
Key Laboratory of Underwater Acoustic Signal Processing of Ministry of Education, Southeast University,Nanjing 210096,China
shuffled frog leaping algorithmmolecular dynamics simulationscloud modelsproportional integration differentialcontrollers
Aiming at the defects of the shuffled frog leaping algorithm(SFLA)such as slow searching speed and easily trapping into local extremum at anaphase,an improved shuffled frog leaping algorithm(ISFLA)is proposed here.The properties of randomness and stable tendency of the normal cloud theory are applied to the parameters tuning of a proportional integration differential(PID)controller using the ideas of molecular dynamics simulations for reference.The ISFLA equals the frog individual to molecular and proposes a new intermolecular force.The population diversity and search efficiency are balanced by using the VelocityVerlet algorithm and normal cloud generator instead of the SFLA update strategy.The simulation results indicate that the ISFLA improves the convergence precision,the convergence speed,the optimization time,the stability and the capacity of outoflocal extremum at anaphase;the ISFLAdesigned PID controller has good robustness,strong antiinterference ability and satisfactory closedloop control result.


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