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Feedforward Control Oriented Realtime Displacement Controller for Singleaxis Piezo Actuator


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Feedforward Control Oriented Realtime Displacement Controller for Singleaxis Piezo Actuator
ZHANG JianhuaLI HongshengGE HongyuTENG Fulin
School of Automation,Nanjing Institute of Technology,Nanjing 211167,China
feedforward controlrealtime controlembedded systempiezo actuators
To meet the demands on real time performances and accuracies of micro machining,ultra precision machining,etc,a feedforward control oriented realtime singleaxis micro displacement controller by piezo actuator is suggested with an embedded processor.The hysteresis and step response models of piezo actuator are built,and the realization of reverse Preisach model are suggested.〖JP3〗Using the reverse Preisach model as a feedforward control unit and the proportionalintegral(PI)controller as a feedback control unit,a compound controller is developed.A realtime singleaxis micro displacement controller with the abovementioned models is achieved with a 32bit embedded processor,S3C2410.System tests indicate that:as for the step response,the steady state error is less than 0.15 μm,the settling time is about 1.2 ms and the overshoot is about 10%;as for the sinusoidal response,the displacement error is ranged from -0.41 μm to 0.45 μm,which is about ±1.5%;with the controller built above,the precise,realtime displacement control in multiresearch fields can be achieved.


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