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Volterra Series Kernels Estimation Algorithm Based on GA Optimized BP Neural Network Identification


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Volterra Series Kernels Estimation Algorithm Based on GA Optimized BP Neural Network Identification
MEN Zhi guo1PENG Xiuyan 1WANG Xingmei 2HU Zhonghui 1SUN Shuangshuang 3
1.College of Automation;2.College of Computer Science and Technology;3.College of Science,Harbin Engineering University,Harbin 150001,China
genetic algorithmback propagation neural networkchaos characteristic identificationship motionmultistep prediction
In order to obtain more effective prediction results of ship motion,a method is proposed using the genetic algorithm(GA)optimized singleoutput threelayer back propagation(BP)neural network to identify Volterra series kernels.The GA,the BP neural network and the features of the Volterra series model are further analyzed based on the chaos characteristic identification of ship motion attitude time series.The best initial weights and thresholds are obtained by using the GA optimized BP neural network.The final optimal weights and thresholds of model parameters are obtained by the BP neural network algorithm.The multistep prediction of the time series of a ship roll motion is done by making Taylor series decomposition to obtain Volterra series kernels of each order.The simulation experiments show that the proposed algorithm has high precision and long prediction time and effectiveness and adaptability.


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