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Adaptive Synchronization of Neutral Neural Networks with Unknown Parameters


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Adaptive Synchronization of Neutral Neural Networks with Unknown Parameters
QU YiZHANG YijunXU Shengyuan
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
unknown parametersneutral neural networksadaptive synchronization
Aiming at the synchronization system with unknown parameters,the adaptive synchronization control of a class of masterresponse systems is discussed.The dynamic behaviors of the master system and the response system are described by a class of neutral neural networks.By using Barbalat’s lemma and the adaptive control method,an adaptive controller and updating laws for the response system parameters are designed.A judgment criterion is provided to ensure the dynamic behaviors of the master system and response system to be globally synchronized.The criterion is in terms of linear matrix inequality and can be checked through MATLABLMI Toolbox.Simulation results verify the effectiveness and applicability of the proposed approach.


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