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Stepwise Refinement Localization Method for Impeller Inspectionon Coordinate Measuring Machine


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Stepwise Refinement Localization Method for Impeller Inspectionon Coordinate Measuring Machine
WANG Xiaofei 12LIU Shenglan 3ZHANG liyan 3QIN Jie 2
1.State Key Laboratory of Precision Measuring Technology and Instruments,Tianjin University,〖HJ*2〗 Tianjin 300072,China;2.Jiangsu Institute of Metrology,Nanjing 210007,China; 3.College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing 210016,China
impellerscoordinate measuring machinesrefinement localizationregistration accuracy
Aiming at the problem of being difficult to locate impellers accurately for coordinate measuring machine inspection,a stepwise refinement localization method is proposed.The surfaces on the impellers are cataloged according to their influences on the localization constraints and the accuracies of their workpieces,and the measurement datum is defined.The whole impeller workpiece is initially located using the measurement datum,and the probe can contact the workpiece and capture the data points.After obtaining the measuring points,the refinement localization can be realized by registration between the measuring point and the model.A registration matrix is decomposed on six degrees of freedom,constraints are applied only on some degrees,and a more accurate result is achieved.An experiment on localizing an axialflow impeller is presented,and the result shows that the accuracies of the blades are improved after the refinement process.


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