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Experimental Study on Heating Performances of Hybrid Singledouble Stage Cascade Airsource Heat Pump Unit


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Experimental Study on Heating Performances of Hybrid Singledouble Stage Cascade Airsource Heat Pump Unit
YU Yan shun 1HE Xue qiang 1JIANG Hui min 2QIAN Pu hua 1
1.School of Energy and Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;〖HJ*2〗 2.Jirong Airconditioning Co.,Ltd.,Jieyang 522000,China
airsource heat pumpshybrid singledouble stage cascadeheating performancesswitch
In order to improve the adaptability,heating capacity and heating performances of air source heat pump(ASHP)units in low air temperature,a hybrid singledouble stage cascade ASHP prototype is designed.The intrinsic operating parameters and heating performances of the prototype in different operating conditions and modes are tested in an enthalpy potential method laboratory.The results show that when the hot water supplying is 45 ℃ and the ambient temperature is -20 ℃,the coefficient of performance in heating(COPh)of the unit is above 2.1,the heating capacity is 7.61kW,the compression ratio is less than 4.5,and the discharge temperature is below 80 ℃.With the optimization objective of the COPh,the ambient temperature with 0 ℃ is taken as the switch temperature for the modes of singledouble stage cascade heating operation.


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