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Optimum Design of Stiffness for Composite Materials Launching Guider


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Optimum Design of Stiffness for Composite Materials Launching Guider
YU Cun gui 1ZHUO Ai bao 2XU Hegang 3
1.College of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.The Ninth Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation,Xiaogan 432000,China; 3.Xi’an Dongyi Haibo Electromechanical Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.,Xi‘an 710065, China
composite materialslaunching guidersstiffnessoptimum designmultiisland genetic algorithmsequential quadratic programming
In order to decrease the initial disturbance of rocket launching,an optimum design of stiffness for composite materials launching guider is studied.A parameterized finite element model of composite materials launching guider is built.A synthetic optimization algorithm of multiisland genetic algorithm and sequential quadratic programming is adopted.The automatic optimization procedure is achieved by integrating the parameterized finite element modal analysis model of composite materials launching guider into iSIGHT,a multidisciplinary optimization design software.In the procedure of stiffness optimization,the supporting constraint location of launching guider is used as design variables and the fundamental frequency of launching guider as object function.The calculation results show that the first order natural frequency of the optimized composite materials launching guider increases 29%,reducing the initial vibration of launching guider muzzle effectively while rocket is launching.


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