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Grey Relational Analysis of Thermal Oxidative Water AgingPerformances of TOR Rubber Asphalts


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Grey Relational Analysis of Thermal Oxidative Water AgingPerformances of TOR Rubber Asphalts
XIAO PengJIANG DeanWU Meiping
College of Architecture Science and Engineering,Yangzhou University,Yangzhou 225127,China
rubber asphaltsthermal oxidative water agingtranspolyoctenamer reactive modifiergrey relational analysischlorine salt contents
The grey relational analysis is used to study the influences of water parameters on the performances of transpolyoctenamer reactive modifier(TOR)rubber asphalts of thermal oxidative water aging.Brinell viscosity,dynamic shear rheometer and bending beam rheometer are employed to analyse the properties of the aged TOR rubber asphalts with different water parameters.The results show that the pH value and chlorine salt content of water have influences on the properties of the aged asphalts;the greater the acidity and the higher the sodium chloride contents are,the more serious the aged degrees of the TOR rubber asphalts are,and the worse the TOR rubber asphalts〖KG-*3〗’low temperature performances and abilities of dissipation about temperature stress are;the change of the pH value is the most influential factor of the aged TOR rubber asphalts〖KG-*3〗’abilities of dissipation about temperature stress;the changes of the sodium chloride contents have significant effects on the low temperature anticrack abilities,high temperature stabilities and antifatigue cracking performances of the asphalts.


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