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Preparation of Oxytetracycline Bacterial Residue ActivatedCarbon by Chemical Activation with Potassium Carbonate


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Preparation of Oxytetracycline Bacterial Residue ActivatedCarbon by Chemical Activation with Potassium Carbonate
ZHOU Bao hua 12 GAO Qin 2GUO Bin 2ZHU Neng 1
1.School of Environmental Science and Engineering,Tianjin University,Tianjin 300072,China; 2.School of Environmental Science and Engineering,Hebei University of Science and Technology, Shijiazhuang 050018,China
oxytetracycline bacterial residueactivated carbonpotassium carbonatepreparationchemical activation
In order to solve the problem of oxytetracycline bacterial residue disposal of pharmaceutical industry,the activated carbons prepared from oxytetracycline bacterial residue with K2CO3 under chemical activation are investigated here.The properties of the activated carbons under better conditions are performed by sanning electron microscopy and Nitrogen adsorption.Experimental results show that the better process conditions of preparation for oxytetracycline bacterial residue activated carbons are 800 ℃ activation temperature,3 h activation time and 1〖DK〗∶3 activation ratio.The phenol adsorption of these activated carbons is 215 mg/g,the special surface area is 1 593.09 m2/g and the methylene blue adsorption is 117 mg/g.The activated carbons are affluent in pores,which are mainly micropores.The average pore size of the activated carbons is 1.09 nm,and the micropore volume and mesopore volume are 0.54 cm3/g and 0.27 cm3/g respectively.


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