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Costsensitive boosting algorithms


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Costsensitive boosting algorithms
Li QiujieMao YaobinYe ShuguangWang Zhiquan
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
boostingcostsensitive boostingcostsensitive learningcostsensitive sampling
In terms of the problem of costsensitive learning,this paper investigates costsensitive extension of boosting.A costsensitive boosting learning framework is proposed based on costsensitive sampling.Through introducing costsensitive sampling in each round of naive boosting,the expectation of costsensitive loss is minimized.Under the above framework,two new costsensitive boosting algorithms are deduced.Meanwhile,issues of the instability existing in early costsensitive boosting algorithms are revealed and explained.Experimental results on UCI(University of California,Irvine)data set and CBCL(Center for Biological & Computational Learning)face data set demonstrate:in terms of the costsensitive classification problem,costsensitive sampling boosting algorithms outperform naive boosting and existing costsensitive boosting algorithms.


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