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Robust minimum output energy multiuser detection algorithm


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Robust minimum output energy multiuser detection algorithm
Yu Xiangzhen
Department of Message Engineering,Engineering University of Armed Police Force,Xi’an 710086,China
code division multiple accessmultiuser detectionminimum output energyrobustness
In order to improve the performance of the traditional minimum output energy(MOE)blind multiuser detection algorithm,this paper analyzes the mismatch of spreading code vector of desired users and proposes a novel robust MOE multiuser detection algorithm.The proposed algorithm reduces the influence of the spreading code vector mismatch by projecting the weight vector into the signal subspace.The orthogonal projection approximation subspace tracking(OPAST)algorithm is adopted for adaptive signal subspace estimation to reduce the computational complexity.Theoretical analysis and simulation results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm provides excellent robustness against the spreading code vector mismatch,and improves the performance of the output signaltointerferenceplusnoiseratio(SINR).


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