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Probabilistic Knearest neighbor search in uncertain timeseries database


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Probabilistic Knearest neighbor search in uncertain timeseries database
Qian Ailing1Ding Xiaofeng2Lu Yansheng2Li Yongfeng1Lou Songjiang1
1.School of Mathematics and Information Engineering,Taizhou University,Taizhou 317000,China; 2.School of Computer Science,Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Wuhan 430074,China
nearest neighborssearchtime seriesuncertaintydimension reductionindexpruning
In order to search the probabilistic Knearest neighbor in uncertain timeseries databases,this paper investigates dimension reduction and index pruning.The complexity of the high dimensionality and the uncertainty of uncertain time series is considered.Based on piecewise linear approximation(PLA),three lemmas are proposed to improve searching efficiency,which are nodismissal pruning,the computation for probability of Knearest neighbors and its upper limit.A probabilistic Knearest neighbors search for uncertain time series(PKNNS)algorithm is proposed to avoid dimensionality curse.Experimental results show the efficiency and effectiveness.


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