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Approach for web service QoS dynamic prediction


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Approach for web service QoS dynamic prediction
Hai Yan12Wang Zhijian1Liu Zhizhong3Zhou Xiaofeng1Shang Ling2
1.College of Computer and Information Engineering,Hohai University,Nanjing 210098,China; 2.College of Information Engineering,North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power,Zhengzhou 450011,China; 3.College of Computer Sciences and Technolog
web servicequality of servicedynamic predictionsemiMarkov processescasebased reasoning
In order to accurately predict the web service Quality of Service(QoS)in a highly dynamic environment,this paper proposes a Qos dynamic prediction method based on semiMarkov processes(SMP)and casebased reasoning(CBR).This method firstly uses SMP to predict business state of web service in the future,and applies the technology of CBR to predict web service QoS such as a specific task.Experimental results show that this prediction method can improve the accuracy of web service QoS greatly.The results provide a reliable basis for the objective evaluation and successful web service composition.


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