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Transient power quality disturbances location method using improved HilbertHuang transform


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Transient power quality disturbances location method using improved HilbertHuang transform
Yang Hansheng
Department of Automation,Chaohu College,Chaohu 238000,China
HilbertHuang transforminstantaneous frequencytransient power qualitydisturbance location
Aiming at the reduction of excessively sifting,a modified sifting stop criterion is proposed here,and a method based on the improved HilbertHuang Transform is introduced for detection and analysis of power quality disturbances.The signal is decomposed into Intrinsic Mode Function by the improved empirical mode decomposition method,and the disturbance amplitude and frequency of corresponding time can be detected accurately and quantitatively.The experimental results show that this method can precisely localize the disturbance starting and ending time,lasting time and amplitude and is suitable for the monitoring system of power quality disturbance.


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