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Calculation of LFM pulse fuze signal’s ambiguity function and its parameters extraction based on DSP


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Calculation of LFM pulse fuze signal’s ambiguity function and its parameters extraction based on DSP
Chen SiZhao Huichang
Department of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
fuzeslinear frequency modulation pulse signalsambiguity functiondigital signal processors
To improve the jamming performance of a fuze jammer,this paper proposes a method of linear frequency modulation pulse fuze signal’s parameters extraction based on ambiguity function and its implementation by digital signal processor.Firstly,twodimensional autocorrelation transformation is done for the received signal,namely calculating the signal’s ambiguity function,then according to the characteristics of signal itself,the modulation parameters are extracted by ambiguity function.The whole system is based on TMS320-C6416 chip produced by Texas Instruments.The simulation results show that the method which needs no prior information can not only extract the parameters effectively and accurately,but also have a good antinoise performance.The test results prove that the system has high reliability and realtime performance.


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