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Simulation of novel independent compression freepiston engine


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Simulation of novel independent compression freepiston engine
Lin JimingXu ZhaopingChang Siqin
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
freepiston enginesworking cyclepressurizationsimulation
In order to improve the performance of a fourstroke freepiston engine,a working cycle combined intake air independent compressed process with thermodynamic parameter controlled process is proposed here.A MATLAB/Simulink model is built up to analyse dynamic performances of the engine.The effects of intake pressures,ignition positions and lengths of expansion stroke on the engine are qualitatively analyzed.The simulation results show that the intake and compression processes change from serial to parallel,which shortens the intake and compression stroke,improves the efficiency and power of the system.Increasing the ignition position and compression ratio has a limited role on improving effective efficiency of the system.The operating load of the exhaust valve reduces by extending the expansion stroke.This model provides theoretical guidance for the improvement and test of the prototype.


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