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Head temperature field of flying projectile


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Head temperature field of flying projectile
Zheng PengfeiZhang HeZhang Xiangjin
ZNDY of Ministerial Key Laboratory,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
projectilesheating gun tubesheat transfer modelstemperature fieldsRungeKutta method
In view of the problem that projectile retention in heating gun tubes affect the initial temperature of exterior ballistics,the transient heat transfer models of interior ballistics and exterior ballistis about projectiles are established respectively.The fourthorder RungeKutta method combined with the heat transfer equations of gun tubes and the interior ballistics models of twophase flow is used to solve heat balance equations and ballistic differential equations.The head temperature field distribution of projectiles is obtained.The methods consider the probability of projectile retention in heating gun tubes before the projectiles are launched.The initial temperature setting of exterior ballistics is more reasonable and the calculation results which accord with the practical battlefield environment are more precise.The methods provide reference for the research on infrared radiation characteristics of projectiles.


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