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Proportion relation and strain rate of threestage concrete’s fatigue deformation curve


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Proportion relation and strain rate of threestage concrete’s fatigue deformation curve
Hong Jinxiang1Miao Changwen1Shi Xingxi2Wan Yun1
1.State Key Laboratory of High Performance Civil Engineering Materials, Jiangsu Academy of Building Science Co.,Ltd.,Nanjing 210008,China; 2.School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
fatigue deformationthree stagesproportion relationstrain ratesevolution equation
To describe the evolution law of concrete’s fatigue deformation curves more exactly,the proportion relations of its three stages and the change rules of strain rates are studied.The latter and its features are qualitatively analyzed.The method that can be used to divide these three stages is proposed according to the fatigue strain rate.A regression analysis method is adopted to study the ratios among these three stages and the relations of strain rate,stress level and fatigue life.Fatigue deformation evolution formulas are established based on the proportion relations of these three stages and strain rate.The results show:the proposed method to divide three stages can improve the precision compared with the visual method;the newly established formulas can describe more detailed information of fatigue deformation curves.


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