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Optimization of cyclodehydration of diethylene glycol in nearcritical water with additives


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Optimization of cyclodehydration of diethylene glycol in nearcritical water with additives
Yang YanShi XinyuWang JinshouHu ShengZhou Hongyan
School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering,Hubei University for Nationalities,Enshi 445000,China
diethylene glycolcyclodehydrationadditivesnearcritical wateroptimization
A study of the cyclodehydration of diethylene glycol(DEG)is performed in nearcritical water(NCW)to research the effect of parameters on experimental results.An L25(65)orthogonal array design(OAD)with six factors at five levels using statistical analysis is firstly employed to optimize the experimental condition for target product(1,4-dioxane)in which the interactions between the variables are temporarily neglected.The six factors are temperature,time,reactant/water ratio(g·g-1),additive/reactant ratio(g·g-1),additives and reaction pressure.The effects of these parameters are investigated using the analysis of Analysis of Variance(ANOVA)to determine the conversion of DEG and the yield of 1,4-dioxane.The results show:additives have a significant influence on the conversion of DEG and the yield of 1,4-dioxane;the maximum yield of 1,4-dioxane can reach as high as 56.58% and the conversion of DEG is 92.45% under the optimum condition.


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