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Application and function of lowtemperature bacterial agent in SBR process


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Application and function of lowtemperature bacterial agent in SBR process
Guo Jingbo1Ma Fang2Yang Jixian2Cui Di2Wei Li2
1.School of Civil and Architecture Engineering,Northeast Dianli University,Jilin 132012,China; 2.State Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resource and Environment,School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150090,Ch
lowtemperature biological agentsequencing batch reactor processstartupstable performancesfunction
In order to shorten the startup duration and improve the unstable performances of municipal wastewater treatment plants at low temperatures,the feasibility of applying lowtemperature bacterial agent to shorten the startup period and improve the operational stability of the sequencing batch reactor(SBR)is investigated.The constructed lowtemperature bacterial agent and the excess sludge are delivered into the biological tank with a respective 1% and 4% volume ratio to the effective volume of the biological tank.The sludge is introduced gradually from the initial inoculated biological tank to other tanks.Activated sludge from the successfully started SBR is collected during the cold winter and the temperature rising period in spring for Biolog analysis.With the addition of bacterial agent,eight biological SBR tanks are successfully started within 15 days when the average wastewater temperature is about 14 ℃.The microbial community structure of the successfully started biological systems is stable under normal operational conditions.The microbial community structure and the metabolic types vary with the fluctuations of the environmental and nutritional conditions,which is vital for stable operation and ideal effluent quality.The lowtemperatures bacterial agent is significant in the rapid startup and stable performances of the SBR process at low temperatures.


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