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Firepower integrated strike effectiveness evaluation for multirole medium caliber gun


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Firepower integrated strike effectiveness evaluation for multirole medium caliber gun
Chen Hongbin1Qian Linfang1Zhao Lihong2Xu Yadong1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Test Base of Jianhua Machinery Co.,Ltd.,Qiqihaer 161006,China
multirole medium caliber gunsfirepower integrated strike capabilityeffectiveness evaluationkill probabilities
To analyze the firepower effectiveness of a multirole medium caliber gun (MCG),firepower integrated strike effectiveness evaluation is studied here.The firepower integrated strike capabilities are decomposed to neutralization capability of indirect firing,armor piercing capability of direct aiming,and air defense capability according to the connotation of multirole MCG.The distribution coefficient for operational mission is introduced and a normalized mathematical model for the firepower integrated strike capability is obtained using the basic model of the system effectiveness evaluation of the Weapon System Effectiveness Industry Advisory Committee (WSEIAC).The results from the comparison with the single role gun in service demonstrate that the effectiveness evaluation model can evaluate the firepower integrated strike effectiveness of the multirole MCG preferably.


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