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Influence of parameters of explosive welding on interfacial waves of Ti/steel composite plate


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Influence of parameters of explosive welding on interfacial waves of Ti/steel composite plate
Wang XiaoxuHe Yong
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
explosive welding interfacial waves impact velocity impact angle smoothed partiole hydrodynamics method
In order to study the influence of explosive welding parameters on the interfacial waves,the explosive welding experiment with small inclination is performed,and interfacial waves are obtained under different impact velocities and impact angles.The wave length and wave height are measured by the morphology of interfacial waves.The explosive welding with small inclination is numerically simulated using smoothed partiole hydrodynamics method,and the parameters of the impact velocity,the impact angle and the specific pressure are calculated.The results show that the impact velocity and impact angle are the key parameter affecting interfacial waves.When the impact velocity is 648 m/s and the impact angle is 16.1°,the interfacial waves begin to form.The wave length and wave height increase with the impact velocity and the impact angle increasing,and the specific wavelength first decreases and then increases.


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