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Study on generation of shock compression meso-mechanic simulation model for particle metal materials


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Study on generation of shock compression meso-mechanic simulation model for particle metal materials
Qiao LiangZhang XianfengHe YongShi AnshunZhang JiangZhang Yanguo
Ministerial Key Laboratory of ZNDY,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
particle metal materials shock compression meso-mechanic finite element simulation
Based on the mesoscale structural characteristics of particle metal materials,several control parameters including the particle shape,the particle size and the particle position are introduced to describe the meso-scale characteristics.Methods of the random number generation and the intelligent optimization algorithm are adopted incorporatedly with the SEM photograph and the statistical law of the material to make the simulation model gradually approaching to the real particle distribution in meso-scale.The shock compression simulations are conducted on the typical particle metal material aluminium under different total mass degrees.Hugoniot parameters obtained from the simulation are in a good agreement with the experiment.The result shows that the randomly generated simulation model meets the statistical laws and can reproduce the distribution of real particles.The method can provide simulation model for the further numerical research on the particle metal material in meso-scale.


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