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Numerical simulation of shaped charge jet perforating steel target by SPH-FEM coupling method


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Numerical simulation of shaped charge jet perforating steel target by SPH-FEM coupling method
Li Lei1Ma Honghao1Shen Zhaowu1Xia Hongbing2
1.School of Engineering Science,University of Science and Technology of China,Hefei 230027 China; 2.Department of Civil Engineering,University of Science and Technology of Anhui,Huainan 232001,China
smoothed particle hydrodynamics-finite element method shaped charge jet perforating steel target numerical simulation
In order to analyze the validity and the superiority of the smoothed particle hydrodynamics-finite element coupling method(SPH-FEM)applied to multi-material and large deformation problems,an example of shaped charge jet penetrated into target is simulated by the dynamics finite element software LS-DYNA.The superiority and validity of SPH-FEM are certified by comparing the results with the arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian method(ALE)results,theoretical and experimental results respectively.Compcred with ALE, SPH-FEM has clearer images,more accurate results,and more stable calculation process.The computational efficiency is improved by about 100%,and the error of the penetration depth and the hole size is less than 5%.Therefore,the coupling method is superior for simulating multi-material and large deformation problems.


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