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Comparison of characteristics of hypersonic flow past 3D circular and rectangular cylinders


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Comparison of characteristics of hypersonic flow past 3D circular and rectangular cylinders
Xue Dawen1Chen Zhihua1Han Junli12
1.National Key Laboratory of Transient Physics,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Beijing Institute of Electromechanical Technology,Beijing 100012,China
hypersonic flow cylinder obstacles numerical simulation
Based on the large eddy simulation,the hypersonic flow(Ma=5)past the 3D circular and rectangular cylinders is simulated numerically using the WENO scheme,the adaptive mesh refinement technique and the immersed boundary method.The numerical results show the different and similar flow structures of the two cylinders and the vortex structure of the separation region with the interaction of shock waves and boundary layers under the same incoming flow condition.The effect of the dullness of the cylinder front-edge on the flow fluid is discussed.The calculation results are in good agreement with the experimental data.


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