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Sub-pixel image edge detection algorithm based on mixed fractal and wavelet transform


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Sub-pixel image edge detection algorithm based on mixed fractal and wavelet transform
Luo YuanJi ChaoHu Zhangfang
Photoelectric Engineering College,The Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing 400065,China
micro electro mechanical system fractal interpolation wavelet-transform modulus maxima sub-pixel edge detection
When the machine vision method is used to test dynamic parameters of the micro electro mechanical system(MEMS),the test image is ambiguous.This paper presents a sub-pixel image edge detection algorithm based on the mixed fractal and the wavelet transform.Using the self-similar characteristics of the fractal interpolation,the accurate interpolation and the edge of the image reconstruction can be realized when the image edge is irregular.The high resolution and anti-noise of the wavelet transform are used to test the modulus maxima of the image edge.The experimental results show that the accuracy of the algorithm can reach 0.02 pixel.


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