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Controller design for networked control systems based on mixed deadband scheduling policy


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Controller design for networked control systems based on mixed deadband scheduling policy
Zhang Xiaobo1Gao Zhengnan2Chen Qingwei1
1.School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Dispatching and Commanicating Center,Inner Mongolia Power(Group)Co Ltd,Hohhot 010020,China
networked control systems transmission deadband exponent stability network traffic
For the band-limited networked control systems(NCSs),transmission deadbands with different deadband scheduling policies are set at the sensor and controller respectively.The signal difference-based scheduling policy is adopted at the sensor node,and the system state error-based one is adopted at the controller node.The model of NCSs is established considering the deadband scheduling,the network-induced time delay and the data packet dropout.The design method of controller is given for guaranteing the exponent stability of NCSs.The semi-physical simulative experiments with the real network and the simulative controlled plant are carried out.The experiment results indicate that the network traffic of sensors and controllers is reduced obviously by the proposed approach with the system stabilization.


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